Data Protection


Rudolf Meyer takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. Because the protection of your privacy and the protection of his business customers are both of special importance to him, he will handle your personal data confidentially and in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Your data will neither be published nor passed on to third parties, they only serve to enable him to inform you about our activities in your field of interest.

This document illustrates the different kinds of information that he receives from you, how he handles it and how you can change and update this information.

Data Collection

Every web server automatically registers accesses to websites. When visiting our website, his web server temporarily records the domain name or IP address of the enquiring computer, as well as the access date, the file name and the URL which you have accessed, the HTTP answer code and the website from which you are visiting his, as well as any bytes transferred during the connection, for the purpose of system security. Conclusions about your person or individual behavior are not possible. Personal data which go beyond this scope are not collected, unless such disclosures are expressly provided by you within the framework of an online-order or registration. He handles your data in a responsible manner and in compliance with legal regulations.

Use of Data

His server store computer-related data to record trends and to compile statistics. These stored data also serve the purpose of identifying and tracking unauthorized attempts to access to our web server. He only compile anonymous profile information about the use of our web pages, and he does so only to improve the user-friendliness and to optimize our product mix to match user interests. No personal surfer-profile data or the like are collected or processed. He gathers, stores and processes your transmitted personal data only to the extent that it is necessary for the processing of enquiries or orders. In order to facilitate this task, an exchange of your data sometimes takes place with third parties involved in processing orders. Beyond this, he does not forward your personal data to third parties unless he is absolutely required to do so to comply with legal regulations or if you expressly stipulate this yourself. He is pleased to inform you about the goods and services he offers, and he may find it useful to survey your opinion. Provided you don’t object, he may therefore set up user profiles under pseudonyms in order to conduct market research, advertisement or to conform the services he offers to his clients needs. Personal data that you transmit to him (e.g.: your name and address or e-mail address) will be used by him for corresponding with you, or only for the purpose for which you provided the data. Here too, he would like to use your address data to occasionally inform you about our goods and services and about changes and innovations.


In order to design the website to better meet your needs and to gather certain data, he uses a variety of technology, including so-called “cookies”. Cookies serve to simplify the use of the internet as well as communication.
Cookies are small text files (max. size 4 KB), which his website sends to your browser and which are then indexed in your computer to be stored there as an anonymous answer-back code. The purpose of these cookies is, among other things, to improve the control of the connection during your visit to his web pages and provide more effective support when you return to his website. Without this temporary “intermediate storage”, some data entries which have already been made would have to be repeated for some applications. Cookies only contain the data that a server gives out and/or that the user gives upon request (e.g. structure: details pertaining to domain, path, expiration date, cookie name and value). They therefore only consist of technical information, no personal data. A cookie cannot spy out a hard disk.
If you wish, you can restrict the storage of all cookies through your web browser or decide yourself via bulletin, whether you want to allow a storage or not. The rejection of cookies can, however, result in some pages not being correctly displayed.


With the use of his internet pages, you consent to the storage and use of your data as described above. Through the entry of your personal data, you express your consent to the processing and use of the data as described.

Your Rights / Contact Data

Of course, he would be glad to inform you about how the personal data you have provided him wich is used. You have a right to information about stored personal data about yourself, as well as a right to correct incorrect data and to restrict and delete. You can dissent to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes at any time. We expressly state that our employees are obligated to comply with the German Data Protection Act with regard to data confidentiality.